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Steps for Planning a Solar Home Power System

Thinking about going solar? There are quite a few people who have made use of solar power systems in Brisbane. If you are planning to use solar power for your home, make sure to check out the following steps.

Check out the energy efficiency of your home

Get to know how much energy is required to power the electricity in your home. This way you could be able to decide on the number of solar panels your home would require. Get to know ways in which your home could be losing energy and then make sure you take measures to reduce that loss of energy. Also if you use electricity for heating and cooling your home, you need to make your homes more energy efficient so that the electricity produced by solar panels can be used properly.

Get to know the solar potential of the place you reside in

Solar panels make use of both direct and indirect sunlight to generate solar power. If there is ample sunlight where you live, solar panels are a great option. There are certain mapping services and tools which can help you assess the potential for producing solar energy within your area. Make sure you consider all of the following when assessing the solar potential of your home

  • The surrounding area if it is shaded by trees, also consider the trees in your neighbor’s homes. You have got to understand that they may throw shade in the at the solar panels system and reduce its efficiency.
  • See whether you need to replace your old roof. If it’s relatively new then you wouldn’t have to.
  • Check whether your neighbourhood has any prohibitions on the use of solar panels.

Get to know your solar energy needs

Make sure you gather the following information to help the contractor get an idea of how much solar power your home would require.

  • Take a look at previous electricity bills. This would help you know the amount of power your home uses on a monthly basis.
  • If you plan on making additional home improvements like extra air conditioners o heaters you would need to mention that as well.

Get a few bids and site assessment from solar panel suppliers

When choosing an installer for solar power systems in Brisbane make sure you choose someone who is qualified and insured to carry out the job. If any friends or family have recently gone solar they would be able to provide you with references.  Also ask the following questions when interviewing different contractors.

  • Get to know the planning permits for solar panel installation and let the solar panel suppliers know about those permits.
  • Do they have references for any other people who have used their services
  • Does the company have a license or re they certified? Solar panels should be installed by professionals. This means that the person installing those panels should have an electrical work license.

For more information on solar panel systems in Brisbane, make sure you contact the professionals.

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