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Solar Energy Benefits in Melbourne

Interesting Facts on Solar Energy

Solar power refers to the process of harnessing the energy from the sun and using it to generate electricity. This is done with the help of solar panels. These solar panels when hit with sunlight cause the electrons to become free. The flow of the free flowing electrons results in electricity being produced in the panels.

Solar thermal power plants make use of a variety of techniques to generate electricity. All the energy from the sun is conserved as heat. This heat is then used to drive a solar powered turbine which in turn generates electricity.

The following are a few basic facts on solar energy.

  • Despite the fact that the sun is 90 million miles away from Earth, it only takes 10 minutes for the sunlight to reach our planet.
  • Photo voltaic cells, solar heating, artificial photosynthesis are only some of the ways the solar energy from the sun can be harnessed and put to further use.
  • Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. One example is using solar energy to help generate electricity. Unlike unrenewable sources like coal, fuel and gas, solar energy is one source of energy which we won’t ever run out of.
  • One of the largest solar power plant is in the Mojave Desert in California.
  • Solar panels are mainly maintenance free. A set of solar panels can last anywhere from two to three decades. Although they are considered an expensive investment but the return on investment is way greater.
  • Solar power is one way of generating electricity which has virtually no contribution to pollution. The byproduct of solar power is used in the form of electricity.
  • When combined with battery backup, solar energy can help power your homes electrical needs twenty four seven. Plus it would work on days even when it’s not sunny outside. The battery helps save the solar energy only to be put to use when required.
  • The major reason why the full potential for renewable solar energy isn’t being tapped into is because of the expense. Most people are unable to invest large amounts of money in buying solar panels. However, there are many incentives being provided by governments which encourage people to invest in solar panels.
  • Using solar energy isn’t something being done in this century. In fact thousands of years ago solar energy for used to carry out cooking and other such jobs. During the 700 BC, lenses were used to make fire to fry eggs.
  • Solar energy is being used to power quite a number of projects. These include electrical projects, heating plants, biomass and even fuelling transportation. There are several vehicles under progress which would work only with the help of solar power.
  • The Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is a planned project of UAE which only makes use of solar power. From cars to every day electrical needs, everything I powered by solar energy. It is also known as solar city.

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