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Why Polish your Timber Floor

Wooden floors are a great way to add some character to your home. Since wooden flooring is pretty high investment, as a home owner your main focus should be to protect your investment. While timber floors tend to last a long time but due to high traffic and a bit of wear the tear they tend to lose their luster and shine. In order to maintain the original look of the timber floor and to ensure its longevity, timber floor polishing can be of great help.

There are several benefits of polishing a timber floor, these include all of the following:

  • Floor polishing is a great way to offer some protection to a wooden floor. It can help harden the surface. This way cracks and fissures won’t appear in the flooring despite high traffic. If your floor already has a few cracks, it’s always better to have those filled before getting the floor polished. Wooden flooring is pretty expensive, a coat of polish can help protect the floor in the best possible way. In a way the polish acts as a barrier and doesn’t allow dust and debris to stele into the wood, thereby keeping it looking as good as new.
  • Polishing a timber floor can help make it more resistant to any kind of stains. Once the floor is polished it becomes completely stain resistant. This is because the polish acts like a barrier. It doesn’t allow the stains to pass through the wooden surface. Plus if there is any kind of spill, wiping it off would suffice and prevent the stain from passing through or becoming permanent.
  • This in turn helps prolong the life of your wooden floor. Unlike concrete floors, wooden floors are prone to a bit of extra wear and tear. The kind of weather also has an impact on the wooden floor. When the floor is polished the barrier prevents any kind of lasting damage. Tis holds true especially for homes where there are pets and children and the wear and tear tends to be higher.
  • Polishing is a great way to keep safe from symptoms of asthma or any seasonal allergies. This is because a wooden floor which is polished gathers very little dust compared to a floor which has an exposed wooden area. Dust mites easily get absorbed into the wooden texture thus causing allergies. Polishing the floor prevents the dust or the dust mites from settling in.
  • It can greatly help the appearance of an old wooden floor. Over a period of time as the wood starts to age, grooves and cracks start appearing in it. Once that starts to happen, floors start looking old and decrepit. In order to ensure that the wooden floor regains its luster, timber floor polishing is necessary. It can immediately add to the aesthetic appeal of the room and it’s a kind of home improvement which doesn’t have to cost a great deal.

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