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Why Invest in Timber Gates

Are you thinking about installing a gate for your farm? Timber gates are your best choice. This is because timber is sturdy and suffers very little structural damage. Plus it can actually add an instant aesthetic appeal to a pastoral setting. There is something quaint and old country about a wooden gate. It has an old worldly charm which perfectly complements a natural setting like a farm house.

There are several benefits of installing timber gates. Some of these are as follows:

  • Timber gates are made from sustainable wood. This means that unlike metal gates, there is very little manufacturing involved. This in turn helps reduce your carbon footprint. Timber used for making gates and doors is usually harvested from special plantations.
  • A wooden gate can offer a great deal of privacy and protection. It’s actually up to you to make the gate taller and longer for extra protection. Unlike wrought iron gates which have a minimalistic design and may not offer the best privacy, a wooden gate is always a better option when it comes to keeping trespassers away from your home.
  • A timber gate strikes the right balance of aesthetics and security. Also it is a more budget friendly option. Also a wooden gate is a better option when it comes to protection against the elements. Unlike iron gates which are prone to rust, a wooden gate can last for a long time. Though wooden gates also require regular maintenance a coat of polish can help protect the wood for a long while.
  • Another quality of wood which sets it apart from other materials is that wood tends to age more gracefully when compared to other materials. The look of ageing wood can be aesthetically appealing. It is much easier to repair a wooden gate, just by replacing a bar or two the gate could look as good as new.
  • There is also an option for those who are looking for cheap and simple options. The wooden gates are easily customisable and come in simple designs which are easy to design and are easy on the pocket as well.

Readymade timber farm gates

Readymade gates are manufactured in factories and therefore are a better option for those who are on a budget. This is because these gates come with readymade panels which just need to be installed.

Also if you are shot on time thee gates are the best option. While customised timber gates may take months to be designed and processed a readymade gate can just be bought on order and installed that very day.

Just because a gate has been pre made doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. Most of these gates are designed with high quality timber and which can serve just as well as custom built gates.

When choosing a contractor to buy a timber farm gate make sure you choose someone who only uses quality wood for construction.

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