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The pros and cons of sandstone tiles

Sandstone is one of the natural materials people use when making tiles to be installed as flooring. Some homeowners install sandstone tiles as their floors, and they love it while others never considered the idea of installing tiles made of sandstone to their compounds. For this reason, if you are building your home, you have to know the types of floors that will be best for you and whether that includes sandstone tiles. To make your decision, you will have to ensure that you find out the pros and cons of these sandstone tiles. When you do so, you can evaluate your findings to make your decisions.

Pros of sandstone tiles

Most homeowners who choose the sandstone tiles know what makes them good; they will always try and convince you to choose sandstone. One of the benefits of having the floor with sandstone tiles is that you are assured that your floor is naturally beautiful. This is because sandstone tiles are made from stone which is a natural material. For this reason, when you have tiles made with sandstone, your floors will have a natural beauty, and you will love them.

Secondly, sandstone is a very durable material which makes it a perfect material for your floor tiles. Most of the materials that people use to make tiles are less durable, and some may not last for one or two years. Stone is durable and has been exposed to so many dangerous elements in the past so you know it can resist them. This means that when you install tiles made of sandstone on your floor, you will be installing durable flooring that will give you service for a very long time.

Another reason why many people are falling for sandstone tiles today is that they come in different colours and textures. This depends on the choice that is best for you. This is because there are so many types of stone that can be used in making these tiles. These stones are of different colours and textures. This gives you the chance to select the tiles that are best for you and the ones that will match your home’s aesthetic needs.

Unlike most of the flooring materials, sandstone tiles are replaceable. This means that if you have some damaged tiles in your compound, you can replace them with new ones. Some of the floors that people install are never replaceable and the minute they get damaged, you must either reinstall them, or they will remain in that state.

Cons of sandstone tiles

Although sandstone tiles are popular, there are as many people against them as there are supporters of them. This is because of their downfalls that you will see here. The first con of the sandstone tiles is that they absorb vast amounts of water. The tiles are made of stone which is a porous material. Therefore, when the sandstone tiles are installed in your house, they end up absorbing so much water and therefore, your floor will have bacteria, mould and stains which is not admirable.  This is one of the reasons why you should never install floors made of sandstone tiles in your kitchen, and bathroom.

Tiles made of sandstone often get scratches and dents, especially of an object, heels, chairs and claws, come into contact with the tiles.

Can you order sandstone tiles? Definitely! But make sure you choose a reliable supplier.

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