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The advantages of Property Inspections

Moved into a new home? Getting yearly property inspections is one way to ensure that your property stays in mint condition for years. A property is a major investment, this is why it’s so important that it stays in proper condition. When the time comes to sell off the property you would find yourself getting eager buyers.

Any defects in the property could be corrected on time. This in turn helps save you huge sums of money in the future. Minor damages when repaired on time can save from any major problems.

You can have a file on property condition

Yearly property inspections in Melbourne by Gallo allow you to document all the findings in one place. This allows you to document any lease violations while you have given out your property on rent. A qualified building inspector not only helps you assess ay damage to the property but also give suggestions regarding proper maintenance. A property which is well maintained always looks new and is aesthetically appealing a well.

Helps ensure your investment is safe

As a property owner you need to make sure your property is in good condition. After all its one of the biggest investments you would make in your lifetime. A property inspection would help you know whether the smoke detector or the carbon-dioxide detector are in working conditions or not. This way you also ensure the safety of the occupants in your property.

Helps save money in the long run

Timely repairs can prevent any major mishap from happening. It’s a known fact that quite a few home fires are caused by loose cabling or faulty wires. When your property is inspected on a yearly basis the officer can make sure that all the cabling is in proper condition. There is no rat or pest infestation. These pests are known to eat the upper part of the wiring which can lead to sever life threatening situations when not assessed on time. Also appliances tend to not work properly as time passes by. If the smoke detector is not working, changing it on time could save you from any unwanted situation.

Helps validate insurance policies

There are certain cases where land lord insurances state that a yearly property inspection is a necessity. If the property isn’t inspected on time you could stand to lose your yearly insurance. In order to comply with the requirements of the insurance policy yearly building inspections can prove to come in handy.

Helps you retain tenants

As a property owner it is your duty to make sure the home where your tenants live is in good condition. It helps them feel cared for. In turn if they are happy with living in a well maintained home or apartment, they would like to extend the lease and stay on for another year. After all who wants to leave a place which is well cared for and in top condition with no worries about leakages or drainage issues?

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