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Exterior Painting Melbourne

Painting ideas to brighten up your outdoor space

A home’s well painted exterior can immediately add to its aesthetic appeal. Have you passed by homes which look beautiful just because the way those have been painted? The right exterior painting in Melbourne can help brighten up your outdoor space. The following are some ideas which you can implement to make your place look inviting.

Exterior house painting ideas

Whether you are someone who prefers the suave or sophisticated look or you prefer something beautiful and bright, there are several colours which can be mixed and matched to create an amazing and pleasant look.

  • For a cool yet comfy look a combination of light yellow and white can do wonders. The light yellow colour is sunny enough to brighten up the place and when it I paired with white, it tends to become a little toned down so you don’t have to worry about it looking too bright and edgy. Keep in mind that the colour should be done in such a way that both the colours balance each other and for that you have to hire a professional for the exterior painting job.
  • Blue combined with white is a pretty cool option as well. It works well for those who are looking to relax on the porch during the lazy Sunday afternoons. Blue is pleasing to the eyes and create a visual appearance of beauty and pleasing aesthetic. Also the best thing about blue is that it looks good in just about any hue. When classic blue is infused with bright white it can give the appearance of a colonial space.
  • On the other hand terracotta and browns can work just as well. These just need to be used in the correct tone to create an aura of the Wild West and add an interesting look to your outdoor space. Terra cotta is pretty versatile because it can be used either sparingly or back to back on the whole exterior.
  • Grey and white is another winning combination. It’s a colour coordination which rarely goes wrong. If you are looking for cool grace paired with a stately look, grey and white should be your first choice.

These are only some of the popular colour themes, which house painting Melbourne use to create aesthetic looking homes. If you have a colour combination in mind or even a picture of an exterior painting job which you admire, you could always ask for something similar.

However, it should be kept in mind that something which looks good on one house might not look the same on the other. The major difference could be the architectural style of the house, the neighbourhood where it is situated and the precision and experience with which the paint job has been carried out. This is why you should also listen to any paint ideas which your contractor would suggest for your home. You could always work around to finding something which would work in favour of your house and what you would like as well.

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