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Considerations in the Selection of Industrial Flooring Brisbane

Choosing the right industrial flooring is one of the many challenges designers, architects, and engineers have to contend with. Businesses in Brisbane face the same quandary when it comes to the selection of the best industrial flooring Brisbane.

The usual considerations for industrial flooring range from PMMA resin, epoxy, or polyurethane. After the flooring has been selected, would it be closed-pore, anti-skid or chemical resistant?

Considerations to think about when selecting industrial flooring include:



It’s understandable to choose the right industrial flooring rather than the cost. However, the selection will often be affected by the budget. You have to bear in mind that the cost of installation and materials of the industrial floor is only the beginning. Wear and tear can cause damages that need to be repaired in addition to maintenance and cleaning costs.

The type of industrial flooring that shows minimal repair and installation is PMMA resin floors. PMMA resin floors take less time to cure and the quickest to install. While it may have a steeper price than other types of industrial flooring, you’ll be saving over time in repairs, cleaning, and maintenance.



Colour floor selection plays an important role as it could affect comfort, cleaning, light, and maintenance. A lighter-coloured floor can make a small space appear larger and brighter.

Bold colours like blue, yellow or red may look great at first but will prove too much for the eyes over time. Going for cream or white coloured floor is good, but they can be tough to clean.

Resin floors offer the best solution when it comes to customisation of colour and design.



The potential volume of traffic is an important consideration to think about in the selection of floors. A small retail shop’s flooring would be far different from the floors of a warehouse that is traversed by forklifts all day long. Epoxy or resin flooring will best suit a parking deck floor while polyurethane flooring is the right one for the floor of a gymnasium.



The intended purpose of the flooring is another consideration in selecting the right kind of industrial flooring. Maintaining a safe environment in the workplace is achieved with anti-skid floor coatings.

Chemical-resistant coatings work best for industries involved in the use of chemicals while small scratches from dropped utensils or high heels are minimised by a flexible floor finish.

Pharmaceutical and Food processing industries will do well with hygienic floor finishes as a way to maintain optimum cleanliness.



Selecting the right industrial flooring becomes possible when the purpose is identified at the outset. For instance, polyurethane flooring is the best choice for a milk and dairy production facility. An epoxy resin floor is not suited for this kind of industry as the organic lactic acids can quickly corrode and dull the finish of the floor.

Industries that are constantly exposed to sulphuric acids will do well with epoxy or PMMA floors. PMMA is also the best floor to have for industries that need to maintain sterile environments. The closed-pore feature of this type of floor makes cleaning a quick and easy chore.


Selecting the type of industrial flooring for your business or even your home becomes easier when you know what you want and need. We are here to help you know more about the best industrial flooring options to have for your business. Contact us at Brisbane industrial flooring experts – Bethell Flooring.

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